The objective of CHESTER project is to build a standard solution for the CHEST concept by combining high temperature thermal energy storage (HT-TES) and Organic Rankine Cycle units (ORC). The objective is to be achieved through the combination of theoretical modelling and experimental research. However, before a compatible working system can reach the market, multiple tests, experiments and validations must take place. Therefore, the project has the following milestones:

  • Creating conceptual model of the overall energy system.

  • Assessing the integration of CHEST system into the smart boundary conditions of the future energy system will be assessed based on the dynamic simulations. The simulations will produce a comprehensive performance analysis to allow the CHEST system integration into a smart environment (such as changing weather conditions, variable electricity/heat prices, electricity/heat demand profiles, fluctuations of the electric and thermal RES, etc.).

  • Creating the first- of-its-kind laboratory prototype to validate a large part of the theoretically performed research, as for instance the expected performance rates and operational strategies.

  • Integrating CHEST system into a smart energy system to use the energy in a cost-optimal way and provide effective flexibility services to energy operators.

  • Developing innovative business models for the new energy storage and management concept created by the high flexibility that the CHEST concept offers.

  • Establishing a baseline for the exploitation of the CHEST system at short-mid-term to maximize impact on the entire value chain and the society.


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