Conference on Advanced Energy Storage

Energy storage is becoming increasingly socially relevant when fluctuating sun and wind increasingly have to cover the Danish energy needs. A conference to address these topics was hold on 1 December 2020 at the Danish Technological Institute in Aarhus, Denmark. 

CHESTER project was present in the conference on Advanced Energy storage. With the event, the Danish Technological Institute aimed to provide an overview of new technologies and current status of research in energy storage. The focus was on batteries, advanced thermal storage and integration with the electricity grid.

The event covered the following topics:

  • Utilisations of the thermal storage system accommodating large wind energy production to reach the 70% Renewable energy RES penetration target in Denmark by 2030
  • Large storage in DH for resilience and cheap heat supply
  • Financial support for development projects with storage
  • Large air-source heat pump projects for DH
  • DH vs. decentralised heating solutions
  • Testing and acceptance of the large heat pump installations

A full agenda is available here: Webinar Programme

In addition, there was time for networking with other participants and discuss technology or collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute.

Find out more about the event here: .


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