H2020 Low TRL Smart Grids and Storage Projects clustering event

CHESTER project will take part in the H2020 Low TRL Smart Grids and Storage projects clustering event on 3-4 December 2020. The event is organized by the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) that manages EU Commission programmes on transport, energy and telecommunications.

CHESTER will lead the sub-cluster related to “Business models” as part of the LOW-TRL Smart Grids and Storage Projects Cluster event on 4 December.  The participants will look for synergies between the EU related projects. They will join efforts and share knowledge and experiences, that may inspire new ideas for rising projects.

In total, there will be 17 new projects as part of the event agenda. 7 EU projects will present the type of business models assessed within these projects, the main conclusions, obstacles. Furthermore, they will also discuss potential working pathways proposed to ultimately obtain sustainable and profitable business cases of storage technologies integration and smart grids frameworks.

The 7 sub-clusters led by different projects are as follow:

  • Business Models (CHESTER)
  • Novel Energy Storage (BaoBab)
  • Sector coupling (Planet)
  • Data Management & Interoperability (DRIVE, RESOLVED, E-Dream, DELTA, NET2DG)
  • Ancillary services at distribution grid level (EASY-RES)
  • New compatible architectures for the grid (Storage4grid, E-Lobster, Interplan)
  • Flexibility assessment and modelling, including probabilistic services (Flexcoop)

You can find the full agenda of the event here: Final program.


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