Heat and Decentralised Energy 2018

Terminal Velocity: Setting the pace in energy innovation and policy

When the smart energy transition is changing your world now, how do you plan for the future?

From the growing significance of decentralised energy to industrial flexibility and the allure of peer-to-peer trading, the energy industry is already unrecognisable.  The only certainty is that more change is coming.

The energy industry, its customers, policymakers and regulators need to understand the trends and rules of the game in this fast-moving environment to stay relevant, gain competitive advantage and be prepared for the challenges ahead.

Heat and Decentralised Energy 2018 – hosted by the Association for Decentralised Energy and the Energy Institute – explored how the energy system is reacting to an increasing pace of technological change and a growing pressure to make deep emissions cuts in heat, power and transport.  The conference was  built to help the participant ensure their readiness for the changes that are coming, delving into what customers want and expect in this new era and the new models and technologies that are emerging to serve them.

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