Roadmaps are ready: now what? Exploring the realities of the heat transition

In Europe, more heat is wasted during electricity production than is needed to heat all buildings. Therefore, the potential for improvements in the heating sector is immense.

By collecting the wasted heat from both industry and electricity production and using smart district heating grids, it is possible to save all of the natural gas currently used for heating buildings in Europe This would result in not only monetary savings, but also in a consideration CO2 emissions reduction.

We aim to build evidence that supports the decarbonization of the heating and cooling sector in Europe and to redesign this sector by combining the knowledge of local waste heat conditions and potential savings with an energy system analysis.

This one-day event was jointly organised by the Horizon 2020 projects Heat Roadmap Europe 4 (HRE4) and ReUseHeat. For HRE4, it was the closing event where the final low-carbon heating and cooling strategies were presented, their contribution to the EU 2050 long-term strategy and implementation at the national level was discussed. The complementary ReUseHeat workshop focused on mapping of urban excess heat sources, business models and bankability of such projects. The detailed programme can be viewed here.

Location: Rue de la Loi 42 Wetstraat, Brussels 1040


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