International Workshop on Carnot Batteries

The Workshop

The 2nd International Workshop on Carnot Batteries brought together experts in energy storage, in particular thermal energy storage, to discuss the state of the art of research and demonstration of Carnot batteries. The event took place on 15-16 September 2020 in Stuttgart, Germany.

In a two-day lecture programme, a broad overview of innovative research approaches was provided, and topics of different Carnot battery concepts and their demonstration and integration into the power grid and sector coupling were addressed. Numerous participants from science and industry confirmed their participation (see list of speakers). The workshop served as an international platform to present latest results in Carnot batteries research and make them internationally visible. More information about the event and its speakers can be find here: 

The Programme

The programme  based on the presentation and discussion of submitted abstracts. In a review process, all submitted abstracts were assessed by the reviewers with regard to thematic and qualitative suitability.

You can find the full event programme here: Carnot Batterie Programm

CHESTER’s participation

CHESTER project participated in the event and  contributed to the discussion with the following segments:

  • 15 September, 14h40 pm – Design and Built of a First Laboratory CHEST system. The panel will be led by Thilo Weller from DLR, Germany.
  • 15 September, 15h:00 – Techno-Economic Assessment of a Combined Power-to-Heat-to-Power Energy Storage Coupled with a District Heating System. The presentation will be given by Sven Stark from the University of Stuttgart, Germany.



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