Which regulation to foster innovation and EU energy network integration

The EU energy sector is undergoing radical changes due to the increasing penetration of renewable energy sources, the shift towards decentralised energy generation and the consequent emergence of new business models that are going to change the rules under which the energy market currently operates. In response to these trends, the use of demand response and the development of innovative technologies for energy conversion, storage and co-generation of heat and power will allow an increasing integration of energy networks and corresponding technologies. These changes pose a challenge to regulators, requiring them to find appropriate measures to incentivize innovation and to develop new regulatory schemes required by a changing environment.

To discuss these changes and challenges, PLANET hosted a public workshop in collaboration with MAGNITUDE and DHC+ Technology Platform | Euroheat & Power on the 14th of March 2019 at the Regione Piemonte ‚Äď Brussels with the presence of project partners, regulators from various European countries and key stakeholders.

The workshop took place at Conference Room – Regione Piemonte, (Rue du Trone 62 – Bruxelles). You can find the agenda and register for the event on the official website.


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