CHESTER General Assembly: half year progress

On October 23 and 24 2018, CHESTER partners met in Aalborg to discuss the progress of the past half a year and to share their vision and plans for the months to come. Partners also revisited the submitted deliverables (D1.1, D2.1) and accomplished tasks. 

CHESTER: half a year progress

The General Assembly started with an address from the coordinator and an extended presentation of the work packages (WP) and progress that was made. All partners presented their work and addressed partners with potential challenges they foresaw leading to very productive discussions. Work around the CHESTER technology – WP3 and WP5 – presented the most elaborate discussions where all the partners were actively involved, as the system and component requirements are to be set soon. The formal establishment of initial requirements for the CHESTER system and individual technologies is associated with the first milestone for CHESTER project, which will take place in M8.

District heating

It is no coincidence that the GA meeting took place in Aalborg, Denmark. Denmark is the pioneer in the area of district heating and combined heat and power and is also one of the most energy-efficient countries in the world. The widespread use of district heating and combined heat and power is one of the primary reasons that energy efficiency has increased while carbon emissions have decreased in Denmark over the past several decades.

While in Denmark, CHESTER partners visited the Dronninglund Fjernvarme district heating grid to see first-hand how the combined energy and power system is managed.

CHESTER project in Denmark


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