First steps towards HTHP CHESTER prototype

More than 400 experts from 58 countries attended the 13th IIR Gustav Lorenzten Conference on natural refrigerants in Valencia, Spain, representing research and development companies, public agencies, educational institutes, professional organizations and associations and refrigeration professionals. The main topics presented and discussed were related to the natural refrigerant solutions for warm climate countries.

TECNALIA attended the Conference and, in this exceptional framework, together with UPV, made a good progress regarding the selection of the adequate refrigerant to be implemented in the HTHP (High Temperature Heat Pump) prototype of CHESTER project.

Throughout the Conference, the updates on the latest technology developments, safety and risk analysis, policies, regulations and standards related to refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) systems using natural refrigerants were presented. In addition, detailed studies regarding the Montreal Protocol implementation in terms of compliance, consumption trends, data reporting, the operation of import/export licensing and quota system were analyzed and discussed.

Thanks to the solutions to technical issues provided by manufacturers, in combination with the economic advantages presented by the experts, it seems that the implementation of natural refrigerants could be the best solution to meet both, the phase-out targets of the Montreal Protocol and the RAC industry´s requirements.


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