Stakeholder survey for a targeted exploitation strategy

To better understand and measure stakeholder interest in the Chester technology, the project team has recently put together a stakeholder survey. The outcomes of the online questionnaire will be used to develop a targeted exploitation strategy with key stakeholders.

The CHESTER project is working on a solution to integrate high shares of fluctuating renewable energy sources (RES) in the electricity grid which is one of the main challenges for the decarbonization of the future energy system. Smart technologies that allow for renewable energy management, storage and dispatchable supply that combine the electricity sector with other sectors to maximise flexibility e.g. the heat sector, are not available with sufficient technical and economic performance. CHESTER aims to tackle this issue through an innovative and ground breaking concept for energy storage formed by the integration of different technologies such as heat pumps (HP), high temperature thermal energy storage system (HT-TESS) and Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), managed by a smart control system.

The online survey can be accessed under this link and would take 10 minutes of your time: . Chester team kindly invite you to participate in the survey and share your insights by answering the questions.

Your name or any other personal identifying information will not appear in any publications resulting from this study and the provided information will be treated with confidentiality.


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