Symposium on solar thermal and innovative heating systems, 27-30 April 2021

Online symposium

CHESTER consortium will take part in the Symposium on solar thermal and innovative heating systems on 27-30 April 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the event will be held online.

The consortium partner USTUTT will present CHEST technology and its achievements on 30 April 2021. At 13:25 PM, Mr Sven Stark will give a presentation about the possible business cases for power-to-heat-to-power storages.

He will talk about the possibilities that are of interest for the CHEST system. Furthermore, 2 of the proposed business cases will be also backed up with simulations results:

  • CHEST technology participated in both the intraday spot market and the tertiary regulation market (for Germany).
  • CHEST technology used in an island energy system, compared to lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries.

Finally, the presentation will conclude on the current status of profitability of the CHEST technology and give recommendations for its future improvement:

  • considerable reduction of investment costs for the CHEST components;
  • increase of price fluctuations at the electricity markets;
  • technical realization of shorter ramp-up times for heat pump and ORC;
  • reduction of fees and taxes.

The symposium will present many more exciting live lectures, digital exhibitions stands and individual chat rooms. It will give a possibility to share knowledge and networking.

Learn more:

For registrations and full agenda, please visit the official event website.


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