During the last period of the CHESTER project TECNALIA have finsihed developing the detailed design on the High Temperature Heat Pump (HTHP).

The University of Ulster has installed a dedicated test rig for the analysis of the refrigerant-lubricant interactions. The latest results from this analysis will provide the necessary information on the mixture’s behaviour at the CHESTER’s operating conditions, which will be essential for the selection of the most suitable lubricant to be considered in the HTHP prototype.  

On the other hand, the preliminary thermodynamic analysis and modelling of the HTHP that was performed by the UPV (University of Valencia) has been validated with the experimental data gathered from the compressor’s laboratory tests performed by Tecnalia.  

Since the compressor performed as expected and the preliminary sizing was validated, Tecnalia proceeded with the detailed design for manufacturing of the HTHP prototype and has already purchased all the main components. Thus, the HTHP prototype will be ready for being manufactured very soon.  

Finally, relevant progresses on the electrical and control cabinet has been also accounted. The first version of the HTHP’s control algorithm is already available, and the control cabinet is almost finished. Tecnalia´s plan is to then install the control cabinet in the existing HTHP test rig in order to start with the commissioning of the electrical and control system for the final Chester´s HTHP prototype.  

You can download the detailed design on the High Temperature Heat Pump (HTHP) here. 


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